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Repairing Leaks Under Concrete Floors

Advance Plumbing solutions detects leaks in concrete floors, leak detection leak repairConcrete floors are wonderful, until a pipe underneath one springs a leak. The first challenge repairing leaks under a concrete floor is that it can become very difficult to pinpoint  exactly where the leak is. from AdVance Plumbing Solutions finds and repairs leaks under concrete floors . There are times when you don’t even know there is a leak until water builds up over time and finally seeps out to where you can see it.

Let me give you a hint that something might be wrong even before you see any water. If you water bill is pretty consistent month after month, and all of a sudden it takes a dramatic jump up, you either have a toilet that is running or you have a leak some where. Before you go yell at the water department, call us, we can come out and determine where the source is and repair the leak.

In this instance it was a water line that had to be run under the concrete for a sink in the island. We will usually run a new water line overhead but on this house there was an island sink in kitchen, we had to dig up a portion of the slab and install some new pipe.

Call us for leak detection and repairs . We will find and give you the most cost effective way to repair a concrete slab leak .

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