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New Addition for the Seastian American Legion

This week Advance Plumbing Solutions is working with Trendsetters Construction  here in Sebastian to make some additions to the American Legion building.

 We are proud to be a part of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new bathroom installation at the American Legion Building.. and to be working with Trendsetters Construction on another great project!

Advance Plumbing Groundbreaking for new bathroo American Legion

Steve Vance

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Who Can Repair Cracked Toilet Supply Lines?

WE can repair cracked toilet supply lines!

There are some plumbers and builders who commonly use certain types of materials when they install plumbing fixtures, toilets, etc. They don’t always use the best material for the job, rather they use what is the least expensive, which generally means they are the first components to fail.

In particular, watch out for toilet supply lines with white plastic nuts that can crack like this one. When these things malfunction, it’s not just an inconvenience, in this case the plastic nut failed when the homeowner was out of the house and she came home to a flood in her home!!Toilet Supply Line

At Advance Plumbing Solutions, we use toilet supply lines with stainless steel nuts that connect to your toilets .  Next time you are cleaning the bathroom, take a look at your toilet and see if you have one of the plastic nuts, if you do, call Advance Plumbing Solutions !  Before you get a bad leak, have us replace  these toilet supply lines.

Advance Plumbing Solutions

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Repairing Leaks Under Concrete Floors

Advance Plumbing solutions detects leaks in concrete floors, leak detection leak repairConcrete floors are wonderful, until a pipe underneath one springs a leak. The first challenge repairing leaks under a concrete floor is that it can become very difficult to pinpoint  exactly where the leak is. from AdVance Plumbing Solutions finds and repairs leaks under concrete floors . There are times when you don’t even know there is a leak until water builds up over time and finally seeps out to where you can see it. [Read more…]

Sponsoring at Shrimp Fest

Advance Plkumbing Solutions your plumbers for Vero Beach and Sebastian

Cindy and I love living in Sebastian. Our community here means the world to us. Whenever we are able, we sponsor local charities that help the members of our community. This year we participated in several events, and one of them was the first annual Shrimp Fest.

AdVance Plumbing Solutions is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Fellesmere Shrimp Fest which is giving back $50,000 dollars to our local school sports teams like Sebastian River Crew Team and others. Go Sharks!!!!

There are so many worthy causes, and this one was truly all about raising funds for our local children.

Steve and Cindy Vance

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Customer Reviews

Wplumber Sebastian, Plumber John's Island, Plumber Orchid Island, Plumber Vero Beachonderful service and reasonable prices  by Jane Larsen, Vero Beach, Fl

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and his employees on several occasions and they are always remarkable in their work. Always on time, show up when they say they will, do a fantastic job and the prices is always more than fair. I cannot say enough about these guys and I use them for all my plumbing needs in my 4 houses!!


On Time and On Price!!  Cindy Fletcher, Vero Beach Mortgage

I have used Steve on two different occasions. Steve is honest, he keeps his word and his staff are equally as reliable. They fixed my problems straight away and were very patient with me as well. thanks Steve!!


AdVance Plumbing Solutions-Your GREEN Plumber

Green Plumber in SebastianAs part of the Green movement all over the world, some Vero Beach residents have asked for us to install rain collectors at their home. Not only and they environmentally friendly, they are also quite beautiful, especially when it is raining..Rain Barrell water collection


Water Heaters

Water heater repair and replacement in Vero Beach or Sebastian, FL - plumber

Steve Vance at the AO Smith water heater plant in TN.  Learning about the newest innovations in water heaters. When it comes to high efficiency water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of A. O. Smith. Whether you need a gas, an electric, or a tankless water heater, the inventive minds at A. O. Smith have one waiting for you.

A. O. Smith produced its first residential water heater in 1939, establishing a tradition of innovation that continues to this day. In 1953, A. O. Smith shipped its first commercial water heater equipped with a “glass-lined” tank, which remains the industry standard for protecting steel from the corrosive effects of water.

In 2004, A. O. Smith reaffirmed its mastery of glass lining technology by introducing patented Blue Diamond™ glass coating on its best Conservationist® residential water heaters. Blue Diamond™ provides the ultimate protection… over twice the corrosion resistance compared to industry-standard glass lining.


Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms

The image to the left might be scary at first, but when you see the end result below, it’s all worth it.

Now is a great time to redesign your bathroom.



Bath after remodel


Before You Call AdVance

Before you call AdVance it would be good to have some information handy for us. If water is gushing everywhere, we understand that you will be anxious; but, without any input, we don’t know what to expect. So, if you have a non-urgent situation, please go through the following five steps:
1. Where’s the problem?

If water is leaking, can you hear where it’s coming from and follow your ears to the source? If the overflowing water can be pinpointed to one area, immediately turn off the water to that area. If the source of the running water can’t be identified, or water is pouring everywhere, turn off the water to your house right away.

2. How serious is the problem?

Does the problem need immediate attention or not? If it is just a small leak it is perfectly acceptable to shut down the water source and call in the morning. For example: a toilet that keeps running is usually not going to cause damage, but it will cause your water  bill to rise, so shut off the water to that toilet only.

3. If a sprinkler head is broken and gushing water into the air, don’t panic.

While a geyser of water can look a little frightening, if you can find the shut-off valve for the sprinkler you should be okay until we can get there. 

The more you can tell us about the problem, the more prepared we can be when we get there; this will save us both time and money. Now, we are not asking that you attempt to diagnose the actual problem, which is what you call us for, but just for some basic information.

Whatever the problem is, remember our motto, No problems, only Solutions! 





Residential Projects

Building a brand new home? Is it going to be located in Sebastian, Vero Beach, Melbourne or somewhere in between. We go to any of those cities and their surrounding areas.

Before you finalize plans with your builder or architect, call me. There is nothing worse than expensive construction delays caused by not consulting with a good plumber.One who understands the construction process. We have been called in on projects after all the planning was complete, and it rarely goes well. The same goes for remodels. Plan before you start tearing down walls. Moving plumbing lines can be expensive, and if there is a way do make your kitchen or bath more beautiful and functional without moving the plumbing, I will work to help you find it.

Here are some recent bathroom jobs we have worked on: