No Problems, Just Solutions!

Before You Call AdVance

Before you call AdVance it would be good to have some information handy for us. If water is gushing everywhere, we understand that you will be anxious; but, without any input, we don’t know what to expect. So, if you have a non-urgent situation, please go through the following five steps:
1. Where’s the problem?

If water is leaking, can you hear where it’s coming from and follow your ears to the source? If the overflowing water can be pinpointed to one area, immediately turn off the water to that area. If the source of the running water can’t be identified, or water is pouring everywhere, turn off the water to your house right away.

2. How serious is the problem?

Does the problem need immediate attention or not? If it is just a small leak it is perfectly acceptable to shut down the water source and call in the morning. For example: a toilet that keeps running is usually not going to cause damage, but it will cause your water  bill to rise, so shut off the water to that toilet only.

3. If a sprinkler head is broken and gushing water into the air, don’t panic.

While a geyser of water can look a little frightening, if you can find the shut-off valve for the sprinkler you should be okay until we can get there. 

The more you can tell us about the problem, the more prepared we can be when we get there; this will save us both time and money. Now, we are not asking that you attempt to diagnose the actual problem, which is what you call us for, but just for some basic information.

Whatever the problem is, remember our motto, No problems, only Solutions! 





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