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Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms

The image to the left might be scary at first, but when you see the end result below, it's all worth it. Now is a great time to redesign your bathroom. … [Read more...]

Before You Call AdVance

Before you call AdVance it would be good to have some information handy for us. If water is gushing everywhere, we understand that you will be anxious; but, without any input, we don’t know what to expect. So, if you have a non-urgent situation, please go through the following five steps: 1. Where’s the problem? If water is leaking, can you hear where it’s coming from and follow your ears to … [Read more...]

Residential Projects

Building a brand new home? Is it going to be located in Sebastian, Vero Beach, Melbourne or somewhere in between. We go to any of those cities and their surrounding areas. Before you finalize plans with your builder or architect, call me. There is nothing worse than expensive construction delays caused by not consulting with a good plumber.One who understands the construction process. We have … [Read more...]


AdVance Plumbing Solutions services both Residential and Commercial plumbing issues. Steve is skilled in all areas of plumbing repair, design and installation. From new storefronts to the Tiki Bar or the VA Club in Sebastian or Vero Beach. Local pet hospitals and other professional services don't hesitate to call us at AdVance plumbing. We are proud to serve all members of our community, but … [Read more...]

The finest plumbing fixtures require the finest plumbing services. Call the team at  AdVance Plumbing Solutions, (772) 538-8225 … [Read more...]